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About Us

We are MicroAccess

A leading ICT solution provider in Nigeria, we offer bespoke IT solution, management and consultancy services for organization. We work  with our partners and clients in different verticals helping them strengthen their business, reducing risk, enhancing compliance and competitive edge using technology towards achieving their goals.

As a solution integrator with 22 years of experience, we incorporate our experience, expertise & technologies with various
products and services from different vendors, to create useful solutions & provide top-quality services. We are committed to always be responsive, productive and resilient to our clients and by working with our partners, we continuously adapt new technologies and solutions to serve them better.

With track record of success, we have project offices nationwide, multi-skilled personnel and collaborating with world class partners, providing solutions that will help our clients gain operational efficiency, financial benefits and competitive edge in their respective industries.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a Global World-Class ICT Company and to be known for our excellent customer service, as well as a knowledge and innovative company. We will achieve this by being profitable, investing in our people, and partnering with other Companies alike.

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Our Vision

MicroAccess Limited is at the forefront of Information and Communication Technology industry to provide its client with the necessary tools to gain the highest strategic advantage. Our goal is to provide ICT solutions that will help our client gain operational efficiency, financial benefits, and competitive edge in whatever area of industry.

Meet MicroAccess Team

Our teamwork drives excellence.

Our talented team members comprise of a successful network of individuals with collective leadership skills, sound technical expertise, and subject matter experts.These leaders work together through a shared process that breeds innovation and apply best practices in creating collective strategies that pushes the boundaries of existing practice to handle complex problems.


Our team members are strategic problem solvers, who are agile and adaptive, creative, collaborative, and reliable. We believe that great things happen when they are done through teamwork; that is why we believe in working together as a team, seeking the right people together on every job carried out, getting things done in the most efficient way possible.

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Our Clients

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