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Why Healthcare Companies Need Managed IT Services 

Our experiences over the years in the healthcare industry gives us the capability to develop EHRs solution to manage data, communicate, and collaborate across different department within the health care centers and hospital. We provide systems using Managed ITs service to manage complex system, control, monitor, and provide IT services which are harder to support and drive value.  

Why Choose MicroAccess for Healthcare IT Services? 

Over the years our service has proven to be an effective and integral component in the business operations of small, medium, and large hospitals. Our Healthcare IT service have made hospital administrations less cumbersome for staff and more effective for patients. The benefit experienced are:


  • Hospital management: This encompasses the full visibility of hospital operations and administration to ensure effective management across the hospital services. Our goal is to ensure that the presence of an efficient technology-enabled environment is reliable and incredibly redundant. 

  • World Standard: our services are standardized using world industry requirements, which are customized to meet specific needs of our clients. 

  • Interoperability of silo systems: our solution work to enable healthcare information systems work together, share resources or information within and across the industry for easy accessibility of hospital records. 

  • Service Management systems: we have designed all our solutions to fit management standards such as service management systems, business continuity, and information security across the hospital services, and our SLAs are custom designed to the needs and objectives of every client. 

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