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Helping Hands

Why Enable Digital Transformation for NGOs? 

NGOs over the years know the importance of knowledge and economy in their operations. The growing need for reliable information has grown as well the need to keep it flowing during operations to the right people. Information have played significant roles in developing strategies and operations for NGOs.  It starts from knowing the terrain, environment to managing field teams and putting information together for strategic planning to deployment of critical resources. 

In such a dynamic environment information becomes a critical component in strategic planning to running field operations. NGOs share a lot of information to guide decisions taken and assessment of the impact of previous operations.  ICT has gone places and provided needed communication and timely information from the remotest areas of the globe. We at MicroAccess understand that need to have reliable information for planning operations, coordinating field teams and safely storing such information for future planning.

We have over the years provided critical ICT services to NGOs who in turn have rendered services using such tools and continue to provide such services for private or public good. 

Why Choose MicroAccess offerings for NGO IT Services? 

Our services in helping NGOs to build and maintain communication within their virtual communities over the years has yielded helpful experiences. From providing mobile IT solutions for field operations, sharing information or collecting field data to communicating with the virtual environment. At MicroAccess you are sure to get robust backend supporting ICT infrastructure for your operations need. At MicroAccess we understand that relief operations are urgent deployments, can be demanding, requiring resources and infrastructure to manage different teams or resources across vast areas. We at MicroAccess have the skillset, the experienced teams ready to address your ICT needs during deployments or operations.Our solutions have NGOs in mind and are designed to accommodate the ICT needs in a wide variety of field scenarios. MicroAccess is ready to offer NGOs the best ICT experience for the future demands in community service. 

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