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Business Consultation

Business Solutions


 We deliver customized suite of solutions that meet Industry-specific needs, keeping in mind that every industry has its unique set of challenges. We help you determine where you want to go, help you put together an action plan, tailor our solutions to your needs & work alongside you to make your plan a reality.

Oil & Gas Automation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new concept in the oil and gas industry. MicroAccess offers the technology of network of devices and systems connected to the internet for Remote monitoring, Remote services, Asset tracking, GIS and Data Collection which are the biggest areas that the IoT is working to change in the oil and gas industry. 

we can help design granular view of your operations, costs, and other risks to improve your operational efficiency and competitiveness

  • Field management system

  • Geo-spatia system integrator

  • Downstream Automated Fuel Management Information System (DAFMIS) 

Custom training 

We help tailor training needs designed for your organization’s specific business challenges that are time-efficient to close the gap, maximize return on investment (ROI) through higher knowledge retention. This is achieved by working with our clients to gain a full understanding of their business goals, learning gaps, and trainee needs. Our training programs cater to a wide variety of learning styles to provide a finished product that meets and exceeds expectations.  

So, choose MicroAccess for your custom training to reach your business goals. 

  • Technology trainings

  • Business management related trainings

  • Information systems trainings 

OCC development

We develop modular architectural operation management centers that integrates security systems of any complexity, to provide a centralize, real-time operational control, monitoring, and management of an organization’s overall operations 24 x 7. These centers are developed to link vital systems and communications not just to gather information, but to allow for seamless and mass distribution of critical instructions, notifications, and alerts.

  • Operations control centre design & Setup

  • OCC technologies

  • Support services

Back office automation

In a battle to remain competitive, back-office automation is a key factor that helps to improve efficiency while allowing employees to carry out their tasks effectively. MicroAccess helps in designing back-office automation systems that can handle the manual processes and provide a consistent framework for getting work done accurately, making it so much easier for your organization to work towards the growth of the organization and avoid the chaos that could otherwise have a negative impact on customer experience as well as the internal processes. 

  • Office 365 automation

  • Database

Business process management

Working with MicroAccess; we will help identify, define, and review your processes; determine automation requirements to restructure your business processes; standardize this process for optimization; and guide the automation of these processes for maximum efficiency.  

  • workflow management

  • Business Rules and conditions

  • collaboration

  • Analytics

  • Integration

Business solution development for Government

  • Government Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS) 

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