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Product Offerings


Our team has successfully utilized various technology components and platforms to build and designed the right products that deliver values to our clients and meet their needs. Our Product offering architecture is tailored to enable business strategy, resolve business problems, and reduce risks in this ever-evolving industry era. We are proud to deliver products to our clients needed for them to compete against well-established industry players and win.

Enterprise Infrastructure

MicroAccess is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive solution-based data center products and services (from servers and storage to backup to networking and software) required to keep your mission critical facility on the leading edge of IT solutions. By discussing your needs beforehand, we can plan, design, and build a future proof enterprise IT Infrastructure that is resilient and scalable to ensure your business grows alongside with it.

  • Security  

  • Virtualization

  •  Enterprise storage

  • Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

  • Data Centre Infrastructure/Modular facility – power, HVAC, and FM200 

Network Connectivity  

Our network administrators and network analysts collaborate to bring about a variety of network designs and plan to suit the requirements of each client, also ensuring that data is well protected. We provide enterprise connectivity. As technology evolves, our network team moves with the trend to provide modern enterprise connectivity; such as moving your on-premises network to your virtual private cloud network.

  • Structured cabling 

  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

  • LAN/WAN Edge

  • Data center networking

  • Access Networking

  • Wireless

  • Network Automation & Operations


Our simple, scalable and cost-effective collaboration solution integrate voice, data, and video communication into a single network that can be maintained, monitored and management. This offers to connect people and the applications they use while ensuring quality and consistency to put your team in-touch and in-control.

  •  Unified communications

  • Contact center

  • Collaboration Endpoints

  • Video Conferencing 

Enterprise Security 

As an ICT Solution/Enterprise systems integrator, we design and implement controls that prevent, detect, and protect Organization’s infrastructure, application, and information resources. Our mode of operations embeds industry best practices, i.e., policies, procedures, frameworks, and solutions to protect our clients and workforce by identifying a holistic set of security and regulatory compliance requirement specific to an organization’s need. These multi-layer strategies are gear towards predicting, preventing, detecting, and responding to threats or any cyberattack in our hyper-connected world.

  • Information Security 

  • Network Security  

  • Application Security 

  • Cybersecurity  

  • Endpoint security

  • Security Operation center (SOC) Platform

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing  

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