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Enabling Digital Transformation for Oil & Gas 

At MicroAccess Ltd, we provide technology Enabling infrastructure and services for the Oil & Gas sector with the aim to move forward by harnessing the power of the latest IT innovations. In collaboration with our partners, we help companies improve operational efficiencies and digitize their entire processes. Our bespoke solutions empower you to gain an edge over your competition, optimize your processes, reduce human errors and waste by improving productivity, and drive growth in a highly complex environment. With our experience, partners, we work with you to identify core strengths and at the same time, streamline your needs to reinvent the way you do business. 

Why Choose MicroAccess for IT Solutions for Oil & Gas? 

We understand that dynamics of the future the Oil & Gas Businesses are increasingly digital, with Big Data, AI, and IoT creating a rapidly shifting environment that can be cumbersome and difficult to navigate. Our products and Services cover: 

  • Midstream, Downstream: our robust midstream services leverages data captured from different sensors via an end-to-end IoT solution. The data generated provides operational visibility and efficiency improvements to enable optimization including quality attainment. Our solution also reduces risk through automation of all processes to boost the efficiency of the entire handling process from custody transfer to outlet operations. This eliminates waste, reduces human error and provides dependable, reliable and quality data that provides visibility and support management decisions towards improve ROI. 

  • Digital transformation: we work with you in planning your digital transformation plans. We digitize a collection of information into a powerful and collaborative decision support system (DSS) to customized solely for your organization. Our solution provides real-time performance data and visualizations towards enhancements, monitoring and proactive incident alert system. Our Solution helps you improve bottom line, optimize performance and reduce risk. 

  • Situational awareness System: we design system used for the perception of environmental elements with respect to time and/or space, the comprehension of their meaning, and project status of any variable change, such as time, and predetermined event. 

  • Web Applications: we offer web solutions to help enhance the digitization and customer experience. 

  • Mobility Solutions: we provide field staff with accessibility to platform to support their activities on the move or in the field securely and cost effective by combining both end-user devices and mobile application for accessing company’s ERP solution. The Solution also includes a snap short of your workspace highlighting task, performance dashboard and other work tools such incident management and more

  • Our Solution includes AI and Machine Learning to enhance data modelling and carry out operational activities or preventive maintenance before the problem occurs. 


  • Cloud Computing Services: With the rising demands of customers, ML supports your business goals by taking advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and other cloud capabilities. 

  • Geospatial Systems Integration:  Our aim is to give spatial visibility to Oil & Gas businesses. We provide and support geospatial services and integrated solutions covering a wide range Oil & Gas industry. 

  • We integrate GIS solutions with legacy IT infrastructure, ERP systems, and business support systems for consistent and accurate data. Our visualization tools monitor oil products as assets for appropriate delivery, facilitate the generation of inspection reports, and support environmental reporting. It also ensures prompt response during an emergency. Our GIS applications incorporate geospatial indexing for optimal routing of cargo between your oil and gas assets and destinations. 

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