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Why Enable Digital Transformation for Pension Fund Administrators 

MicroAccess Ltd has, from its inception till date provided services to more than 10 Pension Fund Administrators. We have provided service ranging from the provision of internet; to deployment, and configuration of Data Centre infrastructure; and reliable support and maintenance services (SLAs) to many of the PFAs we have worked with. We have also worked with about 11 new PFAs to set up their entire Data Centers from the inception of the organization and have successfully implemented technology refresh more than a dozen times for all our PFA clients.  

Why Choose MicroAccess for IT Solutions for Pension Fund Administrators? 

In recent times, MicroAccess has worked closely with some of the PFAs to analyze the requirements for business operations and mandatory compliance as required by PENCOM to create quality services to PFAs without the huge burden of cost overheads.  

As these services are specifically designed for this sector, implementing any of the solutions ensure that PFAs meet the compliance requirement as required by PEMCOM and also to deliver value to business operations and improve efficiency in providing services to customers.  

Some of the services that were put in place to meet these requirements include but are not limited to the following:


  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

  • Co-location Services

  • Disaster Recovery Services and so much more.

Since the introduction of these services, there have been significant improvements to the services as evident from customer feedbacks and all customers that earlier subscribed have all maintained the services. 

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